Whiny Bear’s Gym Story will Surely Make You go Gymming!

It is August again! In case you are wondering what the big deal is, please check out Whiny’s resolution on her previous birthday.

For most of the world weighing scales are a big deal at the end of the year.You know New year Resolutions.

For Whiny, she wants to eat her birthday cake without guilt. That is her simple ask from life. Here is Whiny Bear’s gym story:


It is not the first time this year, you know! I have tried ‘gymming’ at least once, most of my Twenties. (don’t start guessing my age now! The twenties isn’t that far behind, I swear!)

But since last year, I started chronicling my “Weight Change Journey.” I cannot call it weight loss, that could be deemed scientifically incorrect! So I am more aware of my birthday month this year. There are a few constructive steps I have taken this year for my never ending weight loss journey!

Join Weight-watcher WhatsApp groups

Diet, who?

Where, ironically, we end up discussing delicious recipes, with tempting pictures, most of the time. Sometimes we refer restaurants, internet links for baking, etc. If nothing else, this surely has lifted a lot of weight off my soul. I feel light as a feather, ignore the frikkin’ machine.

Install estrogen charged calorie counter apps

Not sure if they work. My husband summarized: If I had to input what all I ate, that would take up a big chunk of my day, (the remaining chunk is spent hogging, because all this journaling makes me very hungry). But if you want to read about my experiences with these apps, please read this post here.


I know I lost half my readers in this sentence, but hear me out. Gymming works! You can satisfy your midnight cravings AND sleep in peace, knowing your weighing scale will not give you a middle finger the next day. Plus you meet an array of interesting people at the gym.

I know, it’s only been a couple of months I am gymming, but I have stereotyped different kind of gym goers.

The Serious Sweaters

These people are armed. They treat gym like a war zone. From branded gym bags, color coordinated gym shoes, gym attire, to swanky Bluetooth headphones, they possess it all. I never asked, but I am certain they chew some branded gum as well.
They come with a mission, while the likes of me shed a nervous sweat around them.

As long as sweating = weight loss, Whiny loves having them around. How does it matter whose sweat is actually spent?

Uncleji, Smile


They probably told their spouse at home that they are going to buy bread, and ended up in the gym. They carry stuff, like a grocery bag, umbrella, and newspaper. Their gym music playlist ranges from Hanuman Chalisa to Despacito.

When they are around, brace yourself for free life advice. I was once reminded by one of the tribe that there were only three important things in life: education, faith, and health. The point in his long rant being that I was risking one of these pillars, by lifting much more than I look capable of. ( i wasn’t I swear, my toddler weighs twice that!)

The YOLO gang


Need I say more! When I see the girls and boys this age, I try to remember what I was doing at that age. Probably hiding a storybook and a torch under my blanket to avoid my mom’s wrath. These bunch of cool kids look like they have only one mission in life. To click the perfect gym selfie. They have lanky bodies, (which is normal for a teenager) and they pick up weights, and take turns, doing reps. While one does the rep, the other photographs it. Then they compare pictures. It’s all an infinite time loop, really. Very intriguing…

Well, you might be wondering when do I work out, if I am busy staring at other peoples calories counts and perfect abs? Hehe, That is a great question, Whiny says!

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