The Mother who Plates Stories: The Magic Platter’s Sonam Jain

Every mother knows the pain of feeding healthy, home-made meals to a toddler. If you have never been rejected in your life, prepare to be humbled. Other than a few blessed exceptions, toddlers hate the very thing that nurtures their growth – healthy food! (Don’t we all?) It is a lesson in patience and doggedness to feed a toddler a nutritious meal. (Also read: 5 Life Lessons that you can learn from a Toddler). For one mother, it also brought out the artist in her. Meet The Magic Platter’s Sonam Jain – a woman who took up the art of food plating to entice her young nephew to the joys of home-cooked food.

Everyone Loves Stories

If there is one thing that toddlers love though, it is a good story! Sonam wondered whether there was a way to bring their love for stories to their plates, and create a magical appetite. The reaction was quite dramatic. Her nephew was so attracted to the story on his plate that he finished a good chunk of his food. Voila! Sonam then had a brainwave – why not repeat the success?

She started searching the web for inspiration and designing art with every serving. The reaction to her presentations was very positive. She received many requests to teach plating food. That’s when Sonam realized it was time to take this art form to a larger audience through a blog – The Magic Platter was born!

Does it take a lot of practice to get the final product ready, we ask? Not really. Sonam’s a natural, she sketches her design and then goes with the flow, selecting spontaneously the food items that would work best for her design. 

The Big Hits

Sonam’s South Indian Snowman Idli is probably one of her most loved creations. Others like Icecream on My Plate, The Big Cricket Match, and Fidgeting with the Fidget Spinner have also been big hits with her audience. 

Sonam realized she had created something of great value when mothers started approaching her for more ideas and recipes to encourage toddlers to eat better. She experiments with food items to come up with the best recipes and designs for our adorable, little, fussy eaters. 

The Season of Joy

This month, Sonam is geared to bring cheer on a platter, as she dishes out one Christmas themed beauty after another. From the fruity Christmas Wreath to the Christmas Tree Chutney Sandwich, the Pear Reindeer to the Healthy Snowman, every dish is a joy to behold, serve, and eat. 

If you are a parent who is looking for ideas to make feeding as easy-peasy as storytelling, follow Sonam for inspiration. Her motto is to empower parents with ideas to incentivize healthy eating – with the power of Magic! 






Anandita Dasgupta

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