World Cup 2018: A tournament of ‘own goals’

Own goals in a football match make me nostalgic and sad. The very first Football World cup that I actively

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Introducing Female Cricket: Where Women Play on the Front Foot

Indians are raised on cricket. It is said every Indian has at least once dreamt of walking down the pitch,

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Indian Sports 2017: A year of Cricket, but so much more!

Indian sports has for some decades now been synonymous with cricket. It is only in the past couple of years that

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Does Sports Education Deserve A Brighter Spot In Our Curriculum?

After suffering a crushing defeat in the Champions Cup final against arch rival Pakistan on 18th June 2017, the Indian

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Top moments for Indian Sports in 2016

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Indian sport is not synonymous to Cricket. While cricket still remains a religion in the nation, 2016 saw Indians shining in

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