Whatever happened to the Romance novels?

Either the romance novels available everywhere have taken a wrong turn or I am too old to enjoy a cheesy

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Yeh Meri Family Review: Making Indian TV Great Again

Remember when you would wait a whole week for one carefully crafted 30-minute episode of your favorite Indian drama? That

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About Lust Stories: Half Mud Pie, Half Mud

The “Bombay Talkies” directors have come back together after 2013 to deliver us a new anthology of four shorts, titled

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PVR Playhouse Review: A Breakthrough Cinema Experience for Parents!

I was raised a movie buff by a movie buff mom. I love the feeling of sinking into the theater

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ORIGIN – Is Dan Brown losing his magic?

After a long wait for nearly four years post Inferno (2013), Everyone’s favorite mystery hunter and code solving genius Robert

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