Bechdel Test in 2017: Why movies still fail the test?

Until very recently movies have majorly glorified men (surprise surprise). However, recently we have seen a plethora of female-centric and feminist

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10 Exciting Films we are waiting for, from the Best Directors Alive!

There are directors, and then there are legends. Some filmmakers deliver such compelling art, that they leave the legacy of

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Bollywood’s List of Incredible Sports Movies to Binge on

Bollywood has had a fair share of sports movies in the last 20 years, and we decided to list them

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List of Bollywood movies featuring common man

Are you disgusted or bored by the everyday Bollywood movies, depicting larger than life heroes, mushy love stories or underworld

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12 Bollywood movies that I plan to score in 2017!

My movie-going rituals have died a slow, painful death since motherhood. Nobody approaches me anymore for maternity advice, and those

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