Miguel Street – Experience the world in one street

“A stranger could drive through Miguel Street and just say “Slum!” because he could see no more. But we who lived there saw our street as a world, where everybody was quite different from everybody else. Man-man was mad; George was stupid; Big Foot was a bully; Hat was an adventurer; Popo was a philosopher, and Morgan was our comedian.”

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What happened to YA Literature: From Awesome Magic to Bloody Vampires

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The YA literature genre was born around the time of WWII when teenagers were given the recognition of being a

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Man’s Violent Love: The Brilliant Lure of Crime Fiction

The Sinner is a crime thriller TV series which aired its first episode on 2nd August.  It is a story

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Story of the First Folio: Knowing Shakespeare

I read a whole book about William Shakespeare recently (by Bill Bryson; highly recommended, by the way), and I learned

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