3 Incidents that portrayed the Spirit of Kolkata to me

Although I stay in Kolkata only for a few days every couple of years, Kolkata is never ‘travel’ for me.

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Experiencing the Nihari at Sufia Kolkata

I have always written about food that has meant something to me, about memorable experiences that I have had, or

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Marketplaces of the World: Looking for Hogg Market, aka New Market Kolkata

Sometimes people assume I know Kolkata a lot better than I actually do. It is utterly embarrassing to be considered

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I walked to reclaim my City of Joy

I had left Kolkata in 2007. I had packed my bags sparingly when I left for my hostel in Jamshedpur.

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To be or not be at the Kolkata Durga Puja, Let’s talk about it!

Recently a colleague from Delhi asked for my counsel on whether it was worthwhile to visit Kolkata during the Durga

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A list of what you absolutely must have in the beautiful Kolkata

The aroma of the “singara” and the flavours in the “phuchka” are only two grains of sand in the world

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List of famous Kali temples in and around Kolkata

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Kalika is the feminine manifestation of Shakti (Power) in Hindu, whose name simultaneously implies her mastery over darkness and time. She is celebrated

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