A nose dive into nostalgia: Favorite Harry Potter moments from Philosopher’s Stone

All said and done, how many ever movies and books might have been published, for all the Potter fans across

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Celebrating Neville Longbottom: The Other Boy who Lived

Today, we will talk about the ‘other boy who lived’. It is, after all, his 37th birthday. Happy Birthday, Mr.

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Diversity in Potterverse and JKR’s Lessons in Inclusivity

When I read Harry Potter for the first time I was in my late teens and the story and its

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Let’s take you on a beautiful, magical journey on the Pottertrail

Of course, the books are better. The Potter movies do no justice to the moving narrative of JKR’s words. But,

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Editor’s Pick: Best Harry Potter Memes from the Internet

There are two kinds of people in this world. Those who love Harry Potter, and those who must not be

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Potter and GoT: Are they really that different?

If you are a regular reader/viewer of Harry Potter and GoT series, you’ve probably found certain similarities between the two.

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