Man’s Violent Love: The Brilliant Lure of Crime Fiction

The Sinner is a crime thriller TV series which aired its first episode on 2nd August.  It is a story

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5 Competitions that will spark your exciting writing career

When I tell someone that I write for a living, mostly they give me a quizzical expression. The look is

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Powerful Friendships in Fiction: Our Top 5 Favorites

Happy Friendship Day, Blank Slaters! We are excited to have you as our friend. Friendship is, without a doubt, one

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Editor’s Pick: Best Harry Potter Memes from the Internet

There are two kinds of people in this world. Those who love Harry Potter, and those who must not be

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Potter and GoT: Are they really that different?

If you are a regular reader/viewer of Harry Potter and GoT series, you’ve probably found certain similarities between the two.

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