Bechdel Test in 2017: Why movies still fail the test?

Until very recently movies have majorly glorified men (surprise surprise). However, recently we have seen a plethora of female-centric and feminist

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Hello Feminist Pedagogy: Why we need to change the Patriarchal Classroom

I was in grade six of my all-girls school. It was the biology class, and we were learning about human

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Of Fire and Mettle: An Interview with Nandita Das

In the mid-‘90s, Indians were enamored by the gorgeous lead of the controversial Deepa Mehta movie, Fire. The lady in

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Welcome 2018: This year, let’s push Feminism to a new high!

What an incredible year 2017 proved to be! Granted, the last few years have been slightly crazy – totalitarian forces

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Meet the Amazing Woman who dared to Steer in a Kingdom of Men

There are rare and special moments in history, when a revolution gains a poster child. A person who embodies the

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Led by Women: Shattering of the ceiling in two worlds

I’ve always disliked stereotypes of all sorts. However, growing up in a middle class Indian family, did not always give

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Is India’s ‘Unfair’ Obsession Actually Internalized Racism?

I have often tried to remember when was it that I first faced the truth about my skin color. When

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Stories of Glorious Indian Women who #Persisted

We are living in a dystopian world. Each morning, I have to convince myself that this is not a page

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