Remembering Thumri Queen Girija Devi

The diamond nose pin glittered brightly as she took the stage. The off-white silk saree with a golden border and white, long, braided hair swaying on her shoulder, created an aura that left hundreds of music lovers in awe. That was years before, but I still remember the confident notes paired with subtle emotions as she sang. The queen of Thumri, Girija Devi, has gifted us her immortal renditions and her mellifluous voice will ring eternally in the souls of thousands of Indian classical music lovers.

Here are some of my favorites by the queen herself.  As she has left the world for the stars, I think there is no better way to pay respects than to relive her talent extraordinaire some of her Thumris.

As I heartbrokenly write this post, let her music take us to a better place. And all I can say is thank you, ma’am. The honesty and the strength in your voice will linger for years to come.


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