Potter and GoT: Are they really that different?

If you are a regular reader/viewer of Harry Potter and GoT series, you’ve probably found certain similarities between the two. Both the series are immensely popular, with numerous fans across the world, earning thousands of  millions in revenue. And yet, it is the similarities between the characters which fascinated us most. If you haven’t yet formulated your own theories for the similarities, here’s a ready list for you:

  1. Sam and Neville – perhaps the most obvious choices to top the list are Samwell Tarly and Neville Longbottom. Both of them belonged to powerful, successful families, and were considered the ‘weak links’ among their powerful relatives. So much so that their families were embarrassed of them, and almost disowned them.  And yet, they were humble and courageous to the core, and rose up to the occasion, at the most difficult of times. They stood by their friends, no matter what, and finally pursued what they dreamed of pursuing. Failures, eh?
  2. Jon and Harry – most heroes that we know of are orphans for some reason or the other, and these two are no different. They have both lost their parents early in life, and always crave for a family. Friends are all they have got, and saving and protecting them means everything for these two central characters.
  3. Arya and Hermione – the similarities are hard to ignore. They are extremely keen learners. Knowledge and courage are their core strengths. Neither are too feminine in their demeanor. They are living examples of strong women who don’t depend on a man to save them. A real joy for all the feminist fans out there!
  4. Olena and Mcgonagall – wise, prudent, with a wry sense of humor, these three traits define both of them. They do not steal much of the limelight and yet manage to leave a lasting impact. They are just and practical, and never tired of helping their loved ones. Just the kind of grand-mom, or class-teacher you’d love to have.
  5. Ned Stark and Dumbledore – well this is a tricky one. Both these characters were quite authoritative and straightforward at first glance. As the story unraveled, we wondered at the shades of grey that they present. They are both born leaders, and their death meant end of an era in both the series. Chaos and confusion is what followed after their death.hogwarts
  6. Joffrey and Draco – clueless and yet power-hungry, harmful souls. Both are extremely dependent on their parents, especially mothers, and put up strong faces, despite being cowards. Neither succeeded in becoming the hero they so desperately wanted to be, nor did they have any interest in their people. Weak and dumb and vicious; they were loved by none.
  7. Cersei and Umbridge – yeah, we loved to hate these two women. They were extremely powerful, were ruthless in their actions and destroyed the lives of a lot of people. Being extremely power loving and authoritative, they crumbled the ones that crossed their paths. At times they seemed like the real villain of the series, although they were not. Such was the negativity that they spread.

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  8. Hodor and Hagrid – the similarities are way too many. Not just their physical appearances, their lack of intelligence and loyalty are hard to miss. They are the protective nurturers of their masters, and were always ready to sacrifice their whole being for the sake of their masters. We only wished Hodor could live just like Hagrid did.
  9. Robb and Cedric – they were both the quintessential good guys, who got killed for nothing. They were good-natured, loving, caring young men and were brutally killed by the villains before they could get a hold on the situation. We cannot help feeling sorry for these guys.
  10. Tywin and Lucious – anxious, bitter, shrewd fathers, who had a lot of disappointment in their child. They could neither disown their child nor accept them completely.

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