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The Right Pets for Kids: Think, Plan, Adopt

Do you feel that your child is lonely and needs to have a companion? Are you getting constant requests for a pet from your kid? Are you confused about gifting your child the perfect pet? Do you wish to teach care and responsibility to your kid, by getting them a pet? Are you worried about the maintenance and costs involved? Here’s a list of pets for kids, along with the pros and cons:


Termed as man’s best friend, dogs are the most loyal and understanding companions that humans can have. They tend to love kids and are usually very protective about them. They pose as good play partners too, and mostly ensure that the owners get their daily dose of exercise, while playing with them. The maintenance varies according to breeds, but it is advisable to adopt one which is widely available and does not need too much attention. Also, it should be kept in mind that, although there are several dog breeds available, not all of them are suitable for the Indian climate. Choose wisely. Dogs pose to be a problem when the owners take a vacation. Although there are a few dog creches available in many metro cities, it is advisable not to adopt a dog if you tend to take frequent vacations, or stay out of the house throughout the day.

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 In India cats are more like a community pet, and tend to visit all the neighborhood houses. They are usually not as dependent on their owners as dogs, they can feed themselves even if you are away for a while. Cats are less intrusive and tend to live independently. They do not have problems of acclimatization, since most of them are local breeds. Most cats are not too concerned or alarmed by your visitors, which make them easier to maintain than dogs.


 Fish is a low maintenance pet, that is suitable for smaller houses. The fish-bowl can be decorated as per your little one’s wishes. Please perform bit of research beforehand, as fish-type compatibility matters. Also, ensure that the water is changed at regular intervals and the fish bowl is always clean. A fish aquarium also adds soothing aesthetic factor to your drawing room, but choose your aquariums carefully considering the kind of fish you want to keep.

Rabbits, Guinea pigs and Hamsters

These are less commonly seen in India as pets, and are gradually gaining popularity. Maintenance is not too easy, but they do not take up much space. They require a lot of attention and go for one only if you feel you are ready.


Suggesting plants as pets might seem weird to many. However it is not too uncommon for the plant lovers to consider their plants as pets. Plants require constant attention too, and are a real joy to observe while they grow up. It is the most low maintenance pet we can think of, but please remember that plants, just like animals, have their own personality traits. While some of them are happy to be forgotten and grow up without much care, others can be quite demanding and might require constant attention and care. No matter how small your house is, it can surely accommodate a plant or two. And the health benefits that they provide is unbelievable.
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