The Oscars at 90: The Top Moments

Top moments from the 90th Academy Awards – in no particular order – that made the 5.30 am call quite worthwhile:

— Host Jimmy Kimmel & Co. taking the magic to an unsuspecting movie theatre audience next door, thus celebrating that critical character in show business: the moviegoers!

— The rousing renditions of ‘Stand up for something’, and ‘This is me’, two of this year’s Best Original Song nominees. If the titles already evoke a sense of why, listen to the full songs to know just how spirited they are.

— The images of Shashi Kapoor & Sridevi on the ‘In Memoriam’ screen. A solemn acknowledgement of ‘beyond borders’.

Jane Fonda & Helen Mirren presenting the Best Actor Oscar – a break from tradition, but meaningful in its message.

— Everything Frances McDormand said and did on stage!

I was rooting for Sally Hawkins to win the trophy (knowing full well it was rather unlikely), but those 2 powerful minutes the woman conjured after winning the Best Actress Oscar, was all about gumption & gusto. And why we should be saying #timesup, and hope & fight for a New Order: “inclusion rider”.

Faye Dunaway & Warren Beatty returning to present the Best Picture Oscar. The two of them had received a lot of ‘scream before you know the truth’ flak last year, after the envelope mix-up. That debacle of course, was no fault of theirs. So it was only proper that the Academy invited them to do the honours one more time, to set the record straight. Beatty & del Toro were taking no chances though – they both double-checked the envelope before joining in the celebration!

— What can only be described as saving the best for the last, ‘The Shape of Water’ winning the Best Picture Oscar was almost akin to poetic justice. It’s my favourite among this year’s nominees, so all through this awards season, I’ve felt it was robbed of the recognition. (That ‘3 Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri’ should win, has frankly, been puzzling to me!) So I, along with many of my like-minded friends, rejoiced that the Oscars got it right this time, at the first shot – if you know what I mean!

— There were many beautiful words and powerful messages delivered through the ceremony, but one that should linger for long is the almost-parting thought of the evening. Guillermo del Toro’s speeches while accepting the Best Director & the Best Picture trophies, were heartfelt and hopeful.

But there couldn’t have been a more fitting end-note, than when he said, holding the golden statuette aloft, “This is a door! Kick it open and come in!” May that ring true universally.

Did Uncle Oscar at 90 just manage to declare, “still young”?!



Amrita Chatterjee

Amrita is a realist by design, and a dreamer by choice. She wears the hat of a business consultant for a lot of her waking hours, and that of a storyteller for every second of a day. Amrita loves wandering the world, and wonder at its many marvels. She sustains by believing, and gets through by doing - some of which happens by putting pen to paper. Or fingers to keys.

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