Hey Millenial, do you feel the Multitasking Stress? 5 proven ways to bust it!

There has been a lot of research on whether multitasking is good, bad, or even possible (Read this article from APA). Some researchers argue that we actually underperform on all the tasks that we undertake simultaneously. Research also suggests how millennials are expert at multitasking. Personally, I don’t see that we millennials have an option.

Multitasking: A Survival Guide for the Millenials

We aspire to travel, to work, to create a hefty bank balance, to remain fit, healthy and beautiful. We raise children, we host parties, we also go to a work, and most of us do secondary jobs as well. And then there is the routine stuff, like eating, sleeping, cleaning, and upkeep of the home.

Of course, each one of us has our own unique priorities and rhythm of doing things. Some of us put Netflix on high priority, while someone else might may love baking cakes and cookies. The crux is multitasking is a hardcore reality of the millennial life. And the millennials have mastered the art of multitasking because they have been forced to do so. There is simply no other way of surviving.

Stress: A byproduct of Multitasking

However, the grimmer reality behind the Instaworthy life moments is stress, poorer mental health, anxiety, depression etc. 

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Whether we do one thing a day or 15, the to-do lists, reminders, alerts are non-stop. The brain is always in an alert mode waiting for the next notification. We feel a strange sense of “unease” when there is nothing to do.

Even if I super organize my day, plan everything meticulously, and be on top of my things, in case a meeting is delayed or a deadline pushed, I “feel” I am definitely forgetting something. As if I am missing out. In urban lingo, this is FOMO (fear of missing out).

So how do we give our brains the much-needed reassurance that it is doing great?

Stress: Coping Mechanism

1. Talk to your support system: Be it your friends, your family, or your internet pal. Reach out to the person who does not judge you. Have a heart to heart and share your vulnerabilities. They will make you feel what is important, and show the greater perspective on life.

2. Sleep: Arianna Huffington is making “sleep your way to top” look sexy. With her startup venture Thrive, she points out the necessities of sleeping. It seems commonplace, but it is a time-tested mechanism for busting stress. Just switch off and go to bed. You can always handle everything the next morning.

3. Plan: Although I have stated that in spite of planning you may sometimes feel overwhelmed, but reaching goals and feeling accomplished become easier with a list of things to do. Whenever I feel overwhelmed with something, I write it down somewhere. Just seeing it makes it feel doable. Again, this works wonders most of the times, but this is definitely not the end-all.

4. Exercise: Tons of research shows when you move your body, your brain relaxes. So when you are out there taking a walk, or running, your brain zones out. Exercise also releases endorphins in the body, the same hormones that are released when you are euphoric. This is sometime’s referred to as the Runner’s High. In the end, you may be physically drained, but you feel mentally refreshed.

5. It is OK to feel stressed sometimes. Try to relax, vent out, and cry. Remember it is just another day. You have been doing it, and you can do it again. You are a strong and resilient human being. Just take it easy for the moment, and know tomorrow will be a much better day. However, if you continue to feel anxious, or stressed, consult a professional. Reach out to someone who cares.

Finally, it is love, care, and happiness that makes us feel better and makes this world a better place to be!



Moumita Chakraborty

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