Beyond the Rosogolla: A Yummier List of Bengali Sweets

How does a non-Bengali impress his Bengali friend? Apart from the cliched “Ami tomake valobashi” (“I love you” in Bengali), “ami rossoggolla khete valobashe” (“I love rossogolla”, a popular Bengali sweet) seems to be a popular pickup line. Needless to say, most Bengalis are usually more impressed by the second one. Apart from the much famed Rossogolla and Sandesh, which have achieved celebrity status all over the country, here is a list of bengali sweets that you must try from several districts in West Bengal:

  1. Sitabhog and Mihidana from Bardhaman – Bardhaman boasts of dishing out the best sitabhog and mihidana in the entire state of West Bengal. Sitabhog is a sweet noodle made of rice flour and you may find small gulabjamun like pieces, Nikhuti, amidst the white strands. Mihidana, on the other hand, are small globules of sweet fried Besan, of beautiful golden hue.
  2. Lyangcha from Shaktigarh – you simply cannot cross Shaktigarh, also in the district of Bardhaman, without having lyangcha at one of the roadside stalls. Lyangcha Mahal, Lyangcha Bhaban, Lyangcha Palace, name it and you have it. Lyangcha looks a bit like a mini bolster – and is deep fried to a lovely dark brown. It is then dunked in sweet syrup for the sugary sweetness.
  3. Shorpuriya and Shorbhaja from Krishna Nagar – made from milk cream (shor in Bengali), these fried milk cakes are delicious. Although it is widely found in almost all sweet shops of Kolkata, none of them are as good as their Krishna Nagar versions.
  4. Moa from Joynagar – Today, Moa can be found all year round. But, Joynagar er Moa is traditionally a seasonal sweet from Joynagar, South 24 Parganas district. Its main ingredients, nolen gur and Kanakchur khoi (special type of popped rice), are both winter products, and it is recommended to have Moa during winter to ensure its authenticity and freshness.
  5. Jalbhara Talsansh Sandesh from Chandannagar – Chandannagar is famous for its sweets, Jalbhara Talsansh Sandesh being one of our favorites. Filled with rose water, this aromatic sweet is a delight for the sweet-tooths.

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