The story of these 4 internet superstars will make you want to try your luck!

The Internet is completely revolutionizing mass media. It is not a surprise that we are seeing more stars born on the internet, rather than through formal networks. Be it movies, or music, the internet has opened doors for many talented artists to find a wider audience. No, I am not implying that Bollywood and Nepotism are not synonymous (yet). Or that media has been democratized already. But, here is a list of internet superstars who have found incredible love from the audience, and have found their well-deserved position in the mainstream media circles:

Shraddha Sharma

The poster child of Indian Youtube, she started recording popular songs, in her own special way, at the age of 15, in 2011. The cute girl, with a mellifluous voice, gained thousands of followers very soon.  Although she is still very young, she has matured as a singer. Her Youtube channel has about 215,000 followers. She has sung in Bollywood films like Citylights, and collaborated with the likes of Culture Machine.

Jonita Gandhi

Born and raised in New Delhi, Jonita’s parents migrated to Canada when she was 17 years old. She started posting videos of her songs from Canada and went viral quickly. Her covers of Bollywood Songs were noticed by Maestros like AR Rahman, and she found a foothold back home. Now she is a known playback singer with a steadily increasing Bollywood song base.

Sanam (band)

Brothers Sanam Puri and Samar Puri found the spotlight in 2010 when they won Times award as SQS Superstars. Exponential growth followed when they launched Sanam band in 2013. Their Youtube Channel garnered about 14 million views each month! Now Sanam Puri is a pretty established playback singer.

Nidhi Singh

Nidhi started her journey as an assistant director in advertising. Her big break as an actress was ” Every Delhi Girl in the world”, where she stereotyped Delhi Girls in a funny video. From that video, to being Tanya in Permanent Roommates, she is now the darling of the millennial web viewers. And top it off, she is now acting in Bolly flicks as well. Go Nidhi, we just can’t have enough of you 🙂

Well, what are you waiting for, hiding your talent! This young bunch of internet superstars is an inspiration. Others have taken to the net to share what they believe in. The mediocracy of choosing job or passion is not entirely true anymore as you can do a bit of both until one kicks off.


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