Marketplaces of the World: Looking for Hogg Market, aka New Market Kolkata

watch: vediamo come funzionano le quote di partecipazione. Come esercitare la mente! Vediamo ora nel dettaglio il primo di opzione legata al Sometimes people assume I know Kolkata a lot better than I actually do. It is utterly embarrassing to be considered a connoisseur, only to be stumped by a moderately simple question about the city – where is Hogg Market? This is what happened. An English colleague called me yesterday. She is working on an extremely interesting memoir of her departed grandmother, based on a 90-year-old diary. The lady in question was born in the ’20s in Colonial Calcutta, to an officer of the British Army. My colleague is planning a trip to the City of Joy, to visit the places her grandmother had chronicled. One spot that featured prominently amidst her rich memories was the Hogg Market, a marketplace that according to the diary ‘reminded Mother of home.’ As we started discussing her project, my colleague casually asked me, “So, how do I get to Hogg Market from my hotel?” In that moment, without access to the internet, I just couldn’t place where I had heard that name. Or, if I had ever been there! That’s when she added tentatively, “The internet calls it the New Market? Has it been remodeled?” Ahhh, our very own, very old, New Market Kolkata it is! “No, not entirely anyway,” I said. And, obviously, that sent me down a very nostalgic trip into the past, and present of New Market. 

The Snooty Past 

click More than a century back, a shabby, old market called Fenwick Bazaar stood where New Market stands today.

var köpa Viagra på nätet The British, back then, loved India. But they had only one issue with the place – it had Indians. By mid 19th century, the British elite residing in Dalhousie Square, Terreti Bazaar, and Lal Bazaar found it beneath them to be hobnobbing with the brown natives in the market. A special committee was formed by the Calcutta Corporation in 1871 that made the proposal for an exclusively ‘white’ market in place of Fenwick Bazaar. They bought Lindsay Street, commissioned East India Railway Company architect, Richard Roskell Bayneto design a Victorian Gothic market complex, for 1000 Rupees, a whopping sum at the time. 

go site New Market Kolkata in 1945 On January 1, 1874, New Market Kolkata, built by Mackintosh Burn (read its history here), opened its gates to the Anglo gentry in the city. Wondering in the dark and dusty alleys of the Market today, it is hard to imagine the glamour of the freshly minted market of yonder years. Horse-drawn carriages were parked neatly outside the gleaming, red, Victorian facade. Brits from all over India visited Calcutta to shop at exclusive retailers like Ranken and Company (dressmakers), Cuthbertson and Harper (shoe-merchants) and R.W. Newman or Thacker Spink  (famous stationers and book-dealers) from England. 

Becoming Hogg Saheber Bajaar

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