Google Baba Knows! The Online Shopping secrets of Indians

The festival season in India is nearing, and so is the shopping season. The month of October is one full of festivities, cheer, family food, and also new clothes and gifts. So we asked Google Baba what does India shop for online? Here are some interesting insights on Indians and their online shopping habits.

Online Shopping in General

The search queries for online shopping peaks every September. (Like we said- Festive season). But online shopping trend has increased over the past five years. In fact, a study from ASSOCHAM released earlier this year said, number of online shoppers will reach 100 million people in 2017. No wonder everyone is suddenly interested in this vast diverse and young emerging market! In this article, we take a cursory look at those items that are most popular.


wrist watch

I compared popular items that people buy online and guess which item is the most searched for when it comes to apparels and accessories? It looks like India loves to shop for watches online. Or, it could also be (people like me) people spend days (read work days) drooling over glamorous watches. But, Andhra Pradesh records the highest number of searches for buying watch online!

The next most popular item is Shoes. Shoes are very popular in almost all parts of India, but Meghalaya and Mizoram record the most number of shoe searches. 

Brand conscious North East? 

I read some articles and many CEOs of e-commerce giants admit that North-eastern cities form as much as 20% of their online shopping orders! Reports also suggest that the consumers are very brand conscious, and they shop for big brands like Adidas, Puma, and Nike.

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Desi girl wins!

Next, I compared some attires that people search for. Saree was most popular. While the Indian woman’s love for sarees is a matter of legends, we weren’t expecting her to be looking online for it. But, as it goes, women in India buy sarees online more than any other piece of clothing, be it skirts, dresses, trousers, salwar-suits or lehengas. Remarkably, no customers for online Sarees in northern India like Punjab, or Uttarakhand. 


Jeans ranked next to Sarees: speak of diversity! West Bengal, Maharashtra, and Andhra Pradesh have most people looking for jeans online.

Lingerie under my Saree!

Finally, I looked for Lingeries: (wink wink). Well, Indians still prefer to handpick their lingerie as compared to online.Only cities to indulge in lingerie shopping are Bengaluru, New Delhi, and Mumbai.Of course, Apparels are one of the major categories when it comes to online shopping, but how about books?

Nerds Rejoice!


Books are very high in the popularity index. Although shoes and watches are still more popular, books win over many apparel categories! Book lovers are mostly in South central India, and ahem, West Bengal.  Unfortunately very few takers of books in North east, Rajasthan, Punjab, Orissa, or Bihar.  Is it because of wider availability of local book stores? Or unsatisfactory customer service. Well, these questions are for the E-commerce companies to surely ponder on!


Of late, we have seen many e-commerce players in grocery and vegetable sections. Bigbasket is popular in most parts of India! The Malayalis love grocery shopping online! But the interesting bit is, this trend is catching up in tier 2 and tier 3 cities as well. Some of the retailers promise farm to plate freshness and have aided small and medium businessmen. People love the convenience of shopping vgetables, from the comfort of home.

Is it sustainable?

But as India prepares for a 65% growth in an overall online shopping, the report shows it is difficult to sustain and maintain customer service. The same ASSOCHAM study showed challenges like insufficient e-commerce laws, customer loyalty, and a shortage of manpower. 

Well, our research mostly pertains to, like we already announced, what Google Baba told us, and it surely did provide us some quirky insights to what Indians love to shop and where we are headed towards. So what you do shop for online?

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