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Why Hampi needs to be on your Bucket List!

alternative zu binäre optionen India is a land of rich culture. That Hampi, in the southern state of Karnataka, is a part of our collective heritage and consciousness, is a given.  The village of Hampi, with its plethora of magnificent monuments, sculptures, parks, massive royal structures, temples among others, is perhaps the last standing example of an Indian civilization which was all inclusive – embracing every religion, culture, difference it encountered over the passage of  more than 2 centuries when it evolved. Hampi today is still a living and breathing space, beautiful, peaceful, clean and extremely well preserved .   It is not difficult to imagine the people and their lives all those centuries ago.  The city is well structured leaving no doubt about the order and genius of the kings, architects and craftsmen of yore. It has beautiful gardens, well kept, smooth roads and huge monuments and sculptures: the welcoming Nandi, the ageless Narasimha, the portly Ganesh’s mustard and peanut (affectionately named by ASI) stand tall and beautiful, for over 600 years or more. Hampi is restful, enlightening of our civilization in ways unparalleled.  

enter Pushkarani Step well in Hampi

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click here Hampi: A wealthy, well ordered space

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