Two girls and the Nawabi Lucknow

Sohini and Anandita, colleagues and co-travellers, decided to take a plunge into the old world charm of India yet again

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A Beautiful Cambodia Trip: Two Girls’ explore the People’s Place

Traveling is healing, traveling is happiness and traveling are freedom. More so when you travel with your childhood friend. My

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Sand Sea and Two Girls…

Sudipta and Sohini happens to be colleagues and travel buddies. Early this year Sudipta was  planning a backpacking trip to

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Two Girls and the Rock: Kanyakumari Delight!

‘Two Girls &’ is a series dedicated to inspire women to travel independently, in India and abroad. The feature presents

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Two Girls & the Western Ghats

Sulagna Ghosh and Anumita Ghosh, both 31 years old, are friends since their kindergarten days, dating back to more than

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Two Girls and the Ganges

Sohini and Anandita, colleagues in an IT firm, are like chalk and cheese. Sohini is spontaneous , Anandita isn’t. As

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