How My Inter-Faith Love Story led me to my Calling!

Do you wonder about your purpose in life? Well, I do, incessantly, passionately, consistently. At times I envy those who

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3 Incidents that portrayed the Spirit of Kolkata to me

Although I stay in Kolkata only for a few days every couple of years, Kolkata is never ‘travel’ for me.

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Shalini Das: Occupational Therapist and a champion for Inclusion!

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If you know Shalini, you must have noticed that she is soft-spoken. But don’t mistake her to be soft-willed. For

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Meet Tathagata Ghosh, Director of “The Goldfish who swam out of the Fishbowl”

Tathagata Ghosh is a film enthusiast first. His penchant for storytelling led him to write and make movies. Followed by

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Of Fire and Mettle: An Interview with Nandita Das

In the mid-‘90s, Indians were enamored by the gorgeous lead of the controversial Deepa Mehta movie, Fire. The lady in

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Our Generation of Zero Bad Dates

In my three decades of existence, I promise I have never had bad dates. I have never experienced the awkward

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I am a Breast Cancer Survivor: And This is My Story

This article was submitted to us by Maya *(name changed) She is a brilliant person, a beautiful author, and a

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