8 Myths About Diabetes & Diabetic Food busted!

This article was first published in Eattreat.in In India, more than 50 million people suffer from diabetes. Food for diabetic

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Sugar Kills: How India gifted the World the other (Nutritional) Zero

You know how Adam Ruins Everything! You must have seen the guy, brutally beating misconceptions to death. Well, I just saw him kill

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Mental Health is the leading killer of Armed Forces. What can we do to help?

Imagine you joined a new job. Strangers surround you. Everyone around you is high and mighty. How would you feel? Now

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Senior Citizen Care: Is India ready to include the elderly in her Growth Story?

I spent much of last week worrying about my ailing grandmother, who stays in Kolkata. Her dementia seems to be

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How Anti-depressants are being handed out like candies in India

Saheli is an artist and a mental health activist. She is creating artwork for spreading awareness on this important issue.

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Fitness can be a way of life. Here is my story.

Fitness! A buzz word in today’s world. A Google search of “Fitness” gives you billions of results. People are fascinated

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Life after Schizophrenia: A Survivor’s Tale

Mrs. Gayetri Dey Sarkar looks adorable as she plays and gurgles with her toddling great grand-daughters. Her wrinkled, toothless smile

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Remembering their Unborn Children: Four Indian women speak up on coping with miscarriage

“Thank you for agreeing to speak with us on your deep and personal loss”, I wrote and scratched for the

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