Quick Ride Review: Bangalore’s Citizen fight back the Traffic Menace

I have recently taken up an assignment with a firm which is 18kms away from my place. Which in Bangalore

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The Screen time dilemma – the conflicted reality of today’s life

“Screen time” is the new “TV”. When we were kids the only screens we had were televisions and billboards. Now

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One night with Friends, Mothers and the Calcutta Bungalow

I am a true Calcutta-n . So much so , I refuse to be called from ” Kolkata”. I cringed

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Reduce Your Global Carbon Footprint -The Indian Middleclass Way!

The Indian Middle class is a curious case study in itself. We are a generation whose parents struggled to make

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If you complain that #metoo is scary, read this

#MeToo movement gained a lot of popularity during the Harvey Weinstein case. Since then Hollywood has seen many assaulters convicted

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Hannah Gadsby’s Nanette: Quitting Comedy for Storytelling

I saw Hannah Gadsby for the first time on the Australian TV series, Please Like Me. I was equal parts uncomfortable about

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Japan’s Cleanliness: The Story of Shinto and Personal Commitment

The world watched in awe as the Japanese Football team bowed out of the Fifa World Cup 2018 with a

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5 Easy Healthy Snacks that your Kids will love!

At one point in time in my life, I accepted the fact that all mothers are not chefs. In other

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Suicide, Illness, Plath and Bourdain: Reading the Bell Jar

It would be a travesty on my part to declare I was a fan of Mr. Bourdain or his work.

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Celebrate World Environment Day by Plogging with the Happy Turtle

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India is hosting the World Environment Day in 2018, and the theme this year is to “Beat Plastic Pollution”. If

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