Meet Tathagata Ghosh, Director of “The Goldfish who swam out of the Fishbowl”

Tathagata Ghosh is a film enthusiast first. His penchant for storytelling led him to write and make movies. Followed by

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Are you ready for some Marvel Mania this week?

As we eagerly await the release of the third Avengers movie, “Avengers: Infinity War”, are you ready to brush up

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Bechdel Test in 2017: Why movies still fail the test?

Until very recently movies have majorly glorified men (surprise surprise). However, recently we have seen a plethora of female-centric and feminist

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The Oscars at 90: The Top Moments

Top moments from the 90th Academy Awards – in no particular order – that made the 5.30 am call quite worthwhile:

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Remembering the Diva: A Quiz dedicated to Sridevi

Yesterday was a black day for Indian cinema. The original diva, the aesthetic sex siren, the woman who could transform

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PVR Playhouse Review: A Breakthrough Cinema Experience for Parents!

I was raised a movie buff by a movie buff mom. I love the feeling of sinking into the theater

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Will Ranveer’s Khilji up the ante for Bollywood’s Villains?

The Padmavati trailer released yesterday amidst fanfare. The camera makes epic pans across bright deserts and opulent forts, made even

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The story of these 4 internet superstars will make you want to try your luck!

The Internet is completely revolutionizing mass media. It is not a surprise that we are seeing more stars born on the

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Freedom, Identity and Choice: Kangana’s Simran is an unmissable journey!

Frankly, the trailer of Kangana’s Simran didn’t impress much. Too much of “Queen” dejavu and encashing of Kangana’s reel image did

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