8 things you can do if you are in India during Sankranti

Sankranti is a festival that essentially marks the end of the month with the Winter Solstice. This indicates days will

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One night with Friends, Mothers and the Calcutta Bungalow

I am a true Calcutta-n . So much so , I refuse to be called from ” Kolkata”. I cringed

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World’s Most Spooky Halloween at Salem, Massachussetts

”Do not miss Salem on Halloween,” said Caroline’s mother over dinner. I wanted to experience the best fall colors in

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If you complain that #metoo is scary, read this

#MeToo movement gained a lot of popularity during the Harvey Weinstein case. Since then Hollywood has seen many assaulters convicted

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The Durga Mythology Fails Women in India

The Devi Paksha started today. The lunar phase of the feminine, according to Hindu mythology. This fortnight, we celebrate the Adi Shakti, the ultimate

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Dr Mandakranta Bose: On Sanskrit, her journey, and organizing the 17th World Sanskrit Conference

“Sanskrit has practically been my whole life” says Dr. Mandakranta Bose, Professor Emerita at UBC who retired as the director

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How My Inter-Faith Love Story led me to my Calling!

Do you wonder about your purpose in life? Well, I do, incessantly, passionately, consistently. At times I envy those who

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3 Incidents that portrayed the Spirit of Kolkata to me

Although I stay in Kolkata only for a few days every couple of years, Kolkata is never ‘travel’ for me.

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Hannah Gadsby’s Nanette: Quitting Comedy for Storytelling

I saw Hannah Gadsby for the first time on the Australian TV series, Please Like Me. I was equal parts uncomfortable about

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