Are Books and Bookstores Dead: What we learned from the West!

I woke up to some bad news yesterday. The Strand Book Stall in Mumbai is closing down. Last week, social

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The Voice of the Queen: Review of Sutapa Basu’s ‘Padmavati’

While the rest of India obsesses over ‘Padmavaat’ today, we are defiantly sticking to the ‘i’, and talking about the

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Books on our TBR shelf in 2018

The readers of Blank Slate Chronicles know this by now. We, the co-founders of this website, are nerds. In our

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ORIGIN – Is Dan Brown losing his magic?

After a long wait for nearly four years post Inferno (2013), Everyone’s favorite mystery hunter and code solving genius Robert

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5 Book Hangover Memes you can relate to after you finish a book

The bookworms have all been through this phase. The joy and the simultaneous horror of finishing a book. This mixed

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What happened to YA Literature: From Awesome Magic to Bloody Vampires

The YA literature genre was born around the time of WWII when teenagers were given the recognition of being a

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How well do you know Kakababu? Find out!

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A Bookish Challenge for our beloved Bibliophiles!

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Man’s Violent Love: The Brilliant Lure of Crime Fiction

The Sinner is a crime thriller TV series which aired its first episode on 2nd August.  It is a story

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