My Daughter’s Feminist Training, Out of Syllabus

My daughter came home from her pre-school sometime early this year with the notion that boys make great doctors and

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Miguel Street – Experience the world in one street

“A stranger could drive through Miguel Street and just say “Slum!” because he could see no more. But we who lived there saw our street as a world, where everybody was quite different from everybody else. Man-man was mad; George was stupid; Big Foot was a bully; Hat was an adventurer; Popo was a philosopher, and Morgan was our comedian.”

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Whatever happened to the Romance novels?

Either the romance novels available everywhere have taken a wrong turn or I am too old to enjoy a cheesy

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Suicide, Illness, Plath and Bourdain: Reading the Bell Jar

It would be a travesty on my part to declare I was a fan of Mr. Bourdain or his work.

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A Quirky Artist Celebrating our Fictional Femmes: Meet Sandhya Prabhat

36 Days of Type is an art movement pioneered by Nina Sans and Rafa Goicoechea, of Barcelona, who decided to design

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Are Books and Bookstores Dead: What we learned from the West!

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I woke up to some bad news yesterday. The Strand Book Stall in Mumbai is closing down. Last week, social

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The Voice of the Queen: Review of Sutapa Basu’s ‘Padmavati’

While the rest of India obsesses over ‘Padmavaat’ today, we are defiantly sticking to the ‘i’, and talking about the

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Books on our TBR shelf in 2018

The readers of Blank Slate Chronicles know this by now. We, the co-founders of this website, are nerds. In our

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