Celebrate World Environment Day by Plogging with the Happy Turtle

India is hosting the World Environment Day in 2018, and the theme this year is to “Beat Plastic Pollution”. If

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Kerala High Alert: All you need to know about the rare Nipah Virus

The State of Kerala is on high alert after a deadly virus is found to spread rapidly in the Kozhikode

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Watch The Goldfish who swam out of the Fishbowl | Award Winning Short Film

The Goldfish who swam out of the Fishbowl is about a corrupted chauffeur, who must kill a renowned scientist on

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Kolkata’s Metro Assault: A Case of Disrespect and Moral Overture

Just a one-liner for those who have missed the headlines: A young couple was harassed and thrashed while traveling on

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Why I did not post a black DP for Asifa!

So, an 8-year-old girl got raped and killed. You put up a black DP for Asifa. Cool. You even filed

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Are you a true Globe Trotter? Take this Quiz to Find Out!

You may also like: Why Hampi needs to be on your Bucket List! Is Airbnb a threat to the Locals:

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A Guardian of Faith: Guru Nanak’s Experiments with Religion

The Indian subcontinent is home to one-fifth of the world’s population. It also where one of the oldest civilizations of

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Remembering the Diva: A Quiz dedicated to Sridevi

Yesterday was a black day for Indian cinema. The original diva, the aesthetic sex siren, the woman who could transform

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Soul of India Photo Essay Competition 2018

Are you an amateur camera wiz kid waiting to be discovered? Do you like weaving stories with pictures? Then it is

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