Introducing Female Cricket: Where Women Play on the Front Foot

source link Indians are raised on cricket. It is said every Indian has at least once dreamt of walking down the pitch,

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Shopper Psychology: An Interesting Infographic

viagra without a doctor prescription from canada Attention shoppers! How many times have you tried browsing for the perfect product but had to settle for a decent

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8 Myths About Diabetes & Diabetic Food busted!

forex offline simulator This article was first published in In India, more than 50 million people suffer from diabetes. Food for diabetic

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Gender Discrimination in India: A treatise

internet kennenlernen treffen In India, discriminatory attitude towards women has existed for generations and affects the lives of all citizens. Although the Constitution

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India 2030: Remove Evils to become Super Power India is a country of much fame. India has the growing potential, which can overrule all other countries. As said by

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Against Gender Discrimination: Learning to Embrace the Gender Spectrum

click Name the first CEO that comes to mind. Name the first cricket player that comes to mind. Name the first

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India 2030: A Billion Dreams Come True

go here A common aspiration shared by all Indians is to see India flourishing at a dizzying pace. India’s insatiable thirst to

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Dear Indian Parents: An Open Letter, from your Children Dear Indian Parents, We want to tell you, oh, so many things! We often get frustrated with your behavior, thoughts,

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India 2030: Working towards a Vision

follow link Like Dr. Abdul Kalam said, You have to dream before your dreams can come true.  This essay is about my dream

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One Idea to save our planet: Renewable Energy We share this beautiful planet, with a lot of other creatures. But, humans are the only ones who are willfully

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