Unusual Chocolate Gift Options

10 Unusual Chocolate gift options perfect for Christmas in India

What is more Christmasy than a beautifully wrapped box of exotic and unusual chocolate pieces? The question is, how exotic would you like your chocolates to be? Are you open to the aphrodisiac chili or the intoxicating tobacco in your choco bites? Here is a list of 10 unusual chocolate gift options that can help your Christmas box of chocolates be the most special in town:

1. Chili chocolate – an interesting flavor, the combination of chilly and chocolate can

really spice up your love. Chili being an aphrodisiac, this chocolate can play a vital

role on this special day.

Can be bought at www.amazon.in

2. Green tea chocolate – mostly found in Japan, this chocolate is as weird as it can

ever be. Just the perfect flavor for your health-conscious partner.

Can be bought at www.amazon.com

3. Tobacco chocolate – oh so your partner is not a health freak? A smoker perhaps?

You need not worry. Here’s tobacco chocolate for you to gift your partner a less

harmful alternative for a day.

Can be bought at www.amazon.com

4. Bacon chocolate this one isn’t for all. A really experimental foodie will, however,

take the bite. Want to find out whether your newly found partner is a real foodie? Try

sharing this with him or her.

Can be bought at www.baconchocolate.com

5. Orange or other fruit flavored chocolates – my personal favorite is orange, not

too experimental, not too sweet, not too bitter either. This chocolate simply can’t go

wrong. Want to play safe? Gift your partner a bar of orange chocolate.

6. Cucumber Vodka Mint chocolate – because normal liquor chocolates are so

commonplace. This preservative-free chocolate stays for only 6 months, so they are

specifically manufactured for each order. So if you want to make your partner feel

special, order this.

Can be bought at www.naturesbasket.co.in

7. Gouda Cheese chocolate – because we have had enough of other weird options,

why not experiment a bit more. Smoky, salty, and sour, this one is as unusual as the


Can be bought at www.wineandglue.com

8. Pig’s blood chocolate – want to check whether your partner is a wildly

adventurous one? Gift a bar of this Halloween special chocolate and see the reaction.

It is hard to find and extremely unpopular, but who knows, your partner might just

be game.

9. Chocolate Naga – flavored like Indian curry, however Indians might not just like it.

The main flavor comes from Bhut jolokia (ghost pepper), of hottest pepper fame. Do

not try this one if you or your partner cannot stand extreme fiery hot flavor.

Can be bought at www.hottyplace.com

10. Sea salt chocolate – slightly usual taste but hugely popular, probably because of

the high percentage of dark chocolate in it. This chocolate usually comes with a vegan

option, a perfect gift for your vegan boyfriend\girlfriend.

Can be bought at www.amazon.in

Want to add to our list? Comment or write to us at editor@blankslatechronicles.com.

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