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10 Mega Tech Projects that the World’s Smartest have undertaken

The world is one funny place. We share the planet with leaders who question the veracity of science, even as technology keeps leaping faster than ever before. In the face of infinite stupidity, it is time to remind people how far science has brought us, and where it is taking us. There are multiple, but we have picked for you the most science-fictionesque, 10 mega tech projects that the World’s smartest companies have undertaken. Hope their stories inspire you to join the movement, and make your vote count, in favor of science and technology.

Tesla: Elon Musk’s Plans for the Earth and Beyond

Elon Musk
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Space has always posed the most fascinating problems for scientists. Many great minds in the world have dedicated their lives to putting a dent in the infinity that surrounds us. Tesla CEO Elon Musk, is obsessed with the Space and is on a personal mission to make it accessible.

He has established his company, SpaceX, with the stated objective of colonizing Mars. Sounds incredible, right? But the company has already revealed details about their proposed Interplanetary Transport System last year – poised to be your friendly Space Travel partner. 

But, this incredulous, out-of-the-world, project is not all that Musk is set out to achieve. He is a very involved Earth citizen, working tirelessly to solve a few of Earth’s current problems. For example – transportation! Musk runs the world’s leading  eco-friendly auto manufacturing company. But, he is not stopping at that. Musk is working on Hyperloop, a high speed, pod based transportation system. He has also started the Boring Company that plans on extensive underground networks to solve the transportation problem on the surface. He started by digging in the SpaceX parking lot, by the way!

Musk is also actively pursuing AI technology, and wants to help Earth get rid of fossil fuel, through his Solar Power initiative.

Facebook: Zuckerberg’s Mind Reading Ambitions


Zuckerberg is a controversial character in the geek world. But, he is the owner of a communication platform with more than 20% of the World population hooked in. This number is significantly larger (more than 55% population) in the developed countries, with greater internet penetration.

The communication Mogul is self-reportedly working on telepathic communication. The first milestone in his journey is an optical, neuro-imaging system, that would allow people to type words directly from their brain, at a speed of 100 words per minute. The average human typing speed on a smartphone today is roughly 20 words per minute. 

Zuckerberg aims at elevating the technology of mind reading to the point where language becomes a defunct communication barrier. Now, you are talking!

Amazon: Jeff Bezos and Next Gen Logistics

Delivery Drones

Amazon has been experimenting with drone deliveries in the last few years. They launched the Amazon Prime Air delivery in December last year, a system designed to deliver to customers within 30 minutes, using unmanned aerial vehicles. 

While the regulations are still limiting, and Amazon is still not sure how they will land the drone in flat blocks and busy, urban spots, the company is serious about making it happen. 

Very recently, they also announced their foray into self-driving cars, not to compete against Uber, but against Fedex. They are keen to win the ‘last mile delivery’ game with the help of futuristic technology. 

Amazon is also digging its heels into the AI technology with Alexa powered to play your songs, or order you a pizza. They would soon be interested in exploring the gamut of IoT, and enable your toaster to speak to your oven!

Illumina: Jeff Huber’s Fight against Cancer

Jeff Huber, a Google executive, lost his wife to cancer. Today, he heads Grail, in the world’s leading DNA sequencing company, Illumina.

Grail is working on a game changing blood test, that would screen for cancer before symptoms appear. The tests are being called ‘liquid biopsies’, and could become part of an annual check up.

They are poised to detect at least certain kinds of cancers super early, enabling easier mitigation and management of the disease.

Huber’s journey for the holy grail is thwarted partially, by what Joe Biden recently called ‘Cancer Politics’. But, the man is determined to find a way out.

Next up, ending water wars, and well, Google of course!

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